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Designer Candles Gaining Popularity

March 12, 2014

The tradition of placing candles on a birthday cake is found to have roots in ancient Greek and German cultures. In Greece, Cakes were made in round shape in order to honor Artemis, the goddess of the moon, and Popular birthday candle is added to symbolize the moon's glow. They believed that the candle smoke would help in carrying their prayers to the moon. In German tradition, they tend to celebrate kinder-fest, the birthdays of young children are celebrated and in that time cakes began to on sweeter consistency and feature layers. In some stories, the Germans are credited for placing candles are placed on the cakes, saying that it represented the light of life.

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Over the time, the cakes gained popularity for their design as well as taste, spawning the full blown industry that they are today. And while for every ceremonial gathering often cake is cut but only for birthdays, they keep the candle and it is old tradition. Although many believe in superstitious beliefs that while cutting the cake when the candle is blown and made a wish that will come true, hence many desire that wishes may come true hence they want to keep this tradition alive. Holi gifts can be ordered online in India.

The birthday cakes, have undergone serious development and growth. The cake aficionados make their careers solely on the production of these pieces of art. And while the art of the birthday cake is a feat to master, with question of batter,icing, layers, shape, flavors and more. And many would argue that, finishing touch always comes with the candle. And though most deem this an afterthought, the candles they use to top the ingeniously crafted creation are testaments to the ability to complete the package and to complete the look.

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