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December 11, 2013

When we look back the history of greeting card, it seems clear that the inclination to send them to the people whom they love. Since ancient times, both Chinese as well as Egyptians people, have been exchanging greeting cards in the form of message of goodwill scrawled on paper or papyrus scrolls. The tradition caught on, and by the fifteenth century the custom of creating home made greeting card do spread throughout Europe. The tradition expanded to include Christmas greeting and few centuries later when the member of the British Aristocracy hired an artist to design a custom Christmas card to send to friends as well as acquaintances. We find numerous companies started to team up with well known artists to mass produce the greeting cards sale in stores. This development has helped them in creation of greeting cards tailored to a variety of occasions and recipients it includes numerous greeting cards as well as unique alternative greeting cards. In recent times, if any desire to buy them they tend to view online sites. and not only that they tend to also visit  beautiful invitation cards printing sites and place order to send across to guests whom they wish to invite

invitation cards printing

It is true we have come long way from the early days of greeting cards printed on papyrus scrolls but one thing does remain changed, no matter how you decide to send the greeting card, the love as well as friendship and card behind each card is still the same. The married couple each year celebrate the anniversary. People have become very busy and hence they are not able to spend quality time with their better half. Due to this reason, many families are broke, the marriage as institution is losing significance. The children do not enjoy their childhood because of separation of their parents they are sent to boarding schools. Good society can be formed when family is united and children are inducted moral values. Popular Photo printing- bringing special moments alive in india.

We find children turning out to be criminal as they crave for love. Hence it is very important to understand the importance of being united in marriage institution and they should opt for separation as last option when all other option have failed. But those couples who have been together in thick and thin for 25 years they tend to celebrate it in a grand manner. They tend to send 25th wedding anniversary invitation cards to all their guest whom they desire to be present. And those individuals who follow Hinduism, may also have mata ki chowki same day or day before or after the anniversary. Hence they tend to place order for mata ki chowki invitation also.


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