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Choosing Most Featured Cases for i-Phone and Blackberry

June 19, 2013

When one purchases a costly phones like i-phones and blackberry its rightfully applicable to put it in a case. With the growing number smart phones in market now-a-days everyone is owner of one or the other smart phone. So you can make your phone stand out by adding a nice but a different cover to it.

Image Courtesy : i phone 4 cover

There are many types of i phone 4 case which are available in market. Lets have a look at some i-phone cases

  • iBottleopener case- as the name itself suggests, it is an i phone 4 cover with a bottle opener. You can open sealed bottles easily with these. Imagine if you are in a party and you don't have any opener. Then no need to look around opener is right there in your hand.

  • Carry pouch case- This is definitely a unique case for you i-phone. It almost covers up the whole phone as its flip covers its screen. Also this is light weighted cover for your phone.

  • Ruggedized case- The biggest reason why people buy this case is that even if your phone falls from a height there is not even a scratch on it. The reason is because the cover is shock absorbent. This prevents any dust particles of coming in contact with the phone.

  • Rubber case- This rubber case is shock absorbent and has a good rubber grip.


Good and cheap blackberry 8520 hard cases are not really very hard to find. In many blackberry covers, sockets for cameras and earphones and charger pins are not neatly done. So with blackberry original covers you won't find this problem. These problem occurs usually when one purchases duplicate and poor quality covers for their phones. Now coming to the life of these cases, it usually lasts for 5 years but besides then that it totally depends on how you handle it. Its not that you have to choose a hard cover for phone always mobile covers do come in soft textures too.


Besides these there are plastic covers which are much cheaper then the previous ones. And are much light weighted comparatively. These plastic covers are available in different prints which makes your phone different from the others. Covers can be available easily in market and now even Internet has made doing shopping so easy that one doesn't even have to go visit market. You only need to make a choice sitting at home using Internet. Some companies even provide home delivery facilities.


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