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On diwali People seek blessing from Goddess of wealth

November 6, 2012

Deepavali is considered to be one of the major and important festival for Hindus. During this festival row of clay lamps are lit and they are placed around the homes to symbolize that there exist inner light which protects the individual from spiritual darkness. National holiday is declared so that people can celebrate the festival in a grand manner with their family members.

Diwali Home Decoration
Image Courtesy: Diwali Home Decoration
People attend pooja on diwali. Each year it is celebrated in the month of October or November. It has been originated as harvest festival which marks last harvest of each year before winter season. Earlier most people living in the nation undertook agricultural activity and and they were always interested in seeking blessing of Goddess laxmi who is known to be the Goddess of wealth. They use to close accounting book and pray for the outset of new financial year   Even today this practice extends to businesses all over Indian subcontinent, Which does mark the day after diwali as beginning day of new financial year.
Diwali is also known as festival of lights. During festivals, relatives gather at one place and have fun by burning varied fireworks. Few houses do put up serial bulbs outside their homes. And few others decorate their whole house with colorful flowers and they share  different variety of sweets with all and worship Goddess Lakshmi. Most people who celebrate this festival believe that Lakshmi wanders around the earth and try to find a home where she will given be warm welcome and receive hospitality. People keep their door open and light diyas near the door post and also place diya's at windows and invite Lakshmi in.Individuals buy exclusive gift for diwali. They may visit retails stores or may prefer to buy diwali gifts online.
People living far distance may be interested in offering varied diwali gifts hence they browse varied sites which consist information about diwali gifts online India. When they receive information they browse those particular sites and they buy unique presents from those stores and offer it to their near and dear ones. When recipients receive those bestowal they feel very happy and their joy seems unlimited. The users before making purchases on those sites they should read terms and conditions of the online site. If they are satisfied then they should opt to buy from those sites and if they are not satisfied then they should not opt to buy from those sites. The users should also go through reviews posted about those sites and if the reviews are positive then they should buy from those stores. If the reviews are not so positive then they shy away from those stores.

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