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Customizing Mugs, becoming a promotional trend

June 11, 2012

Most of us begin our day with a cup of coffee in our hands. If the mug is simple and plain then you don’t look it again and again, but if there is a customized mug with a brand logo on it, you somehow look at the logo many times. Initially the brand may be new to you but having coffee by looking at the logo daily makes the brand familiar to you. Along with the person having the coffee, other people present there also have a look at the logo of the cup or if some day friends and relatives visit to the house they too become familiar with the brand. Like this the new brand becomes common and then famous. Therefore promoting your company name or product by using customized mugs is a good idea.


Flyer printing is also a nice marketing tool but after reading it is crushed and thrown. Few of them keep it with them for further use, but after sometime they too throw it in the garbage. Though customized mugs are expensive than flyer printing, but they keep reminding of the brand for long and moreover day-by-day the brand name spreads. When a logo printed mug is distributed by the vendor as a free item with some product, people don’t mind purchasing that item. In fact they become happy and feel good. Moreover they admire the company when they use the mug. Especially children are more excited to receive free complimentary customized mugs.
Commercial ads on TV are not so effective as customers don’t want to trust the brand very easily. But receiving a free gift costs nothing and when they use the mug then they start trusting the brand. Moreover they judge the brand quality by the quality of the customized mug. So always be sure with quality of mugs to leave a good impact on its users and to convert them as customers. If you are in short of ideas, you can search about it through search engines. You will get numerous designs and varieties for promoting your product. Moreover you can fetch good creative and innovative designs of business cards online. Online business cards are the latest and trendy ones. Choose the best one according to your product and company. but it should be of good quality to impress people.

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